Questionmark and Examity

 Examity and Questionmark have teamed up to provide a one-stop-shop for your proctored exams. Now you can develop and deliver your online exams all in one assessment platform, guaranteeing exam integrity. What’s more, there’s support for you and your test-takers each step of the way. 

Flexible, easy proctoring for assessments with integrity

Benefits you’ll receive:

  •  Live, scalable, and flexible online proctoring 
  • An industry low test-taker-to-proctor ratio with the shortest wait times 
  • Extensively trained, knowledgeable and support-focused proctors 
  • Ultimate flexibility to create a range of tests, from high-stakes exams to surveys and quizzes 
  • Deliver online and on-demand anywhere, including in new markets across the globe 
  • Make data driven decisions and support your learners with detailed reporting and analytics 
  • Ensure fair and inclusive tests for all with our translation options, including the award-winning Instant Translate tool for non-native speakers

Learn more about how or team can provide a one-stop-shop for your proctored exams