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Putting the “I” in academic integrity and artificial intelligence: Addressing the Risks and Responsibilities Facing Today’s Educators and Learners

August 31, 2023 – 11AM CST/12PM EST

• Rachel Schoenig – Chief Security Officer, Examity. CEO, Cornerstone Strategies
• Dr. Zeenath Reza Khan – Founding President, ENAI WG Centre for Academic Integrity in the UAE.  Assistant Professor on Responsible Management Information Systems, UOWD 
• Jarret Dyer – Chair of the Academic Integrity & Testing Committee for the National College Testing Association, and Coordinator of Specialized Testing Services and Adjunct Professor at the College of DuPage

Join Examity on August 31st for our newest webinar that focuses on all things cheating. Since testing began, there have always been people trying to figure out ways to get ahead. What started as essay mills, plagiarism, and copying has now turned into artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT. This new technology has made it easier and faster to cheat, while also being harder to detect. So, is this the time to throw in the towel on academic integrity, or are there ways for institutions, educators, and learners to more effectively adapt to this new normal?  

Join education and assessment professionals as they explore the challenges and emerging best practices in addressing academic integrity and artificial intelligence. We will also talk about the personal responsibilities that educators and learners have when it comes to addressing new generative technologies. Please register today for this important webinar.