Examity feels like a second home! My team is extremely professional and always up for new challenges.

Puneet Kumar Patel

Associate Senior Software Engineer II

Puneet Kumar Patel

Employee Spotlight

How long have you worked at Examity?
I’ve been working at Examity since April 2014. 

What is your role at Examity, and why do you find it gratifying?
I lead the QA Steady State Team. In my role, I review requirements from clients and create comprehensive and well-structured functional and technical test cases that ensure readiness of an application. I find it gratifying when I demonstrate the working software that clients have been asking for, and it feels satisfying when they’re happy with my work.  

Why do you love working with your colleagues?
Examity feels like a second home! My team is extremely professional and always up for new challenges. We regularly motivate each other to succeed and celebrate one another’s achievements, which creates an emotional connection within the team.

What have you learned since starting with Examity?
I’ve gained leadership and interpersonal skills by working at Examity, and I’ve had the opportunity to further refine my technical skills because of Examity’s various training programs. Through them, I’ve learned new software technologies and completed various certifications.

What advice do you have for prospective Examity employees?
Examity is a great place for growing in your career, and every year here provides new learning opportunities. Our work culture is very transparent, and every employee is ready to offer help and support. So, make sure to regularly ask for feedback from your team or your manager.

Fun fact your colleagues might not know about you.
I’m an automotive enthusiast with a passion for sedans and sports bikes. I used to tour extensively before the pandemic. Now, I do tons of research on the newest bikes and cars. I dream of owning a Lamborghini one day.

When I’m not at Examity, I’m probably___.
…going for long bike rides, playing cricket, or swimming. I also like to cook, watch Netflix, or do Tabata exercises.