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Employers worldwide are using remote assessments to support pre-employment validation and employee advancement. In order to hire the best candidates and retain the right employees, it’s important that the security of these exams are protected. Examity’s online proctoring solution helps facilitate the hiring and training processes by providing secure, flexible, and efficient online proctoring for remote assessments. Our unique, industry-leading approaches can help your organization achieve candidate and employee satisfaction with a seamless and simplified testing experience. 

Here are some of these best practices.


Low wait times
We understand the frustration of having to wait, which is why Examity has record low wait times to connect to a proctor and begin an exam, along with scheduling assessments. The average wait time for a test-taker to connect to a proctor is between 30-50 seconds, and at times it can even take fewer than 30 seconds for connecting with  a proctor. Wait time for scheduling assessments is also low: Rather than waiting for weeks, candidates and employees can schedule an exam with Examity right away.

Low wait times are especially critical for pre-employment assessments. Candidates don’t want to have to wait a long time to connect to a proctor and begin their exam. The longer they have to wait, the more nervous and frustrated they may feel. This can negatively impact the candidate experience and, in turn, cause your organization to potentially lose out on the best candidate for the job. With Examity, you can facilitate a smooth exam process and attract top candidates.

We place the utmost importance on providing a secure testing experience for test-takers, and their comfort and satisfaction is top priority. Some test-takers are concerned about needing to download software to their computer in order to take an online proctored exam. But with Examity, no downloadable software is required for testing with us; Everything is in-browser, including our extension.

While all of our proctoring solutions are secure, for high-stakes exams, such as certification exams, our live solutions provide the highest levels of security for online assessments. Live proctors monitor tests from start to finish, and both live solutions offer live authentication and a human audit, which is a second set of eyes for detecting cheating behavior, after the completion of every exam. Our Live Proctoring offering includes live, low-ratio proctoring and immediate exam intervention for superior assessment security.

Even if you don’t choose Live Proctoring for your assessments, Examity uses security features in order to fully protect the exam’s integrity, including Browser Lock, Browser Extension Lock, System Lock, and content masking. These features prohibit test-takers from using their internet browser to search through other web pages, using applications and browser extensions that can contribute to cheating, and block test content from being exposed. 

Proctoring that fits your needs

We know that there is never just one way to use our proctoring platform. Examity modifies our proctoring solutions in order to best fit the needs of your organization, and we will always tailor the exam experience for your test-takers. We also support your organization scaling up by allowing you to pick and choose the best solutions for your program and to adjust as it grows.

Flexibility is vital for professional online assessments. With Examity’s 24/7 scheduling and support, test-takers can take a proctored exam whenever, and wherever, is most convenient for them. And, our flexibility extends to the exams themselves: Examity gives you the ability to choose different proctoring modalities from exam to exam, given the circumstances surrounding the exam. For example, you may want to use one of our automated solutions for your pre-employment assessments, while a live solution may work best for your certification and training exams. You get the right to choose the best options for your program.

Examity’s approaches to online proctoring make us an ideal choice for pre-employment, training, and certification assessments. We do what works best for your organization, and we’re committed to providing every user with a positive testing experience. If you’re curious to learn more, view this recorded webinar, “Epic & Examity: Scaling Pre-Employment Exams Online.” In the webinar, experts from Epic and Examity discuss how their partnership streamlined the exam experience for Epic’s test-takers and increased their overall satisfaction while contributing to Epic’s growth.

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