Prolydian and Examity

Examity and Prolydian have teamed up to offer a one-stop-shop that can support key program stakeholders including item writers, subject-matter experts, candidates, psychometricians, test sponsors, auditors, continuing education providers, and support staff. 

 End-to-end Solution for Professional 

Assessment and Program Management 

Key Benefits:

  •  All-in-one platform allows data to flow easily and securely without having “islands” of data.

  • Supports the entire assessment program including high-stakes testing. Furthermore, use only the components and features needed. 

  • Manage and configure exam events as exam windows or open year-round testing. 

  • Integration with key partners (Examity, Stripe, BadgeCert) creates a “one-stop-shop”. 

  • Robust security model can support many clients (and sub-clients or organizational hierarchy). 

  • Administer exams in a variety of ways (remote proctored, self-proctored, testing centers). 

  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure. 

  • Tests can be delivered in multiple languages. 

  • Ideal for quickly automating a large-scale paper-based testing program. 

Learn more about our proud partnership with Prolydian and how we guarantee exam integrity