We have a great culture at Examity! I’ve seen so many instances of employees offering to help one another, and it’s organic collaboration at its best.

Ingrid Smith

Vice President, Human Resources

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Organizational Culture and Employee Engagement at Examity

Ask the Expert

Ingrid Smith, Vice President of Human Resources at Examity, dives into Examity’s rich organizational culture. The shift to a more remote working environment may have presented some challenges for maintaining the in-person culture, but Ingrid and her team have overcome those challenges. They’re always thinking of innovative methods to foster Examity’s culture, increase employee engagement and collaboration, and provide opportunities for professional development and career growth. 

What is Examity’s work environment and organizational culture like?
We have a great culture at Examity! I’ve seen so many instances of employees offering to help one another, and it’s organic collaboration at its best. We also plan to launch Examity’s first Employee Value Proposition by the end of 2022, which will better define our culture. 

Has the change to a more remote working environment influenced Examity’s culture? And if so, how?
Absolutely! The so-called “water cooler” discussions don’t happen organically like they used to pre-pandemic. We need to be very intentional with our time and our meetings. Now that so many of us are working at home more often, getting to know one other on a personal level is immensely important.

What is Examity doing to help foster our culture and connect our colleagues?
Going back to being more “intentional” – we’re scheduling more opportunities. Employees have enjoyed getting back into the office to participate in in person events, like lunches, happy hours, and trivia. We’re also offering opportunities for folks who can’t come into the office to connect with their colleagues. We’ve hired many remote employees since the pandemic began, so the need for virtual events is just as important. We’re testing out tools to encourage collaboration and setting up employee special interest groups (like a group for golf lovers) to help employees meet each other more organically. We’re urging employees to turn their cameras on during meetings as well, so that they’ll be able to read each other’s expressions, and they may even get to know their colleagues’ pets or toddlers who accidentally come into frame! All of this helps create a much more personal culture at Examity.

 What are some ways in which Examity supports our employees’ professional development and career growth?
The remote/hybrid working environment has made career and professional development considerably more important. I’m excited that we’ve rolled out some really great learning opportunities, and there are more to come. This quarter, we’re introducing some fantastic courses focused on teamwork and productivity, as well as some skill-specific options like Agile and sales training.

 What are some strategies that Examity is using to increase employee engagement?
In addition to everything mentioned, we’re making sure to really listen to our employees. We’ve been distributing more surveys because we want to understand what we can do better, and what more can be done for our employees.

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