Online Proctoring Leader Catches “Speed Cheaters” 

Examity’s AI detects unrealistic test completion rates

Newton, Mass.Nov. 13, 2018

Examity, the global leader in learning validation and online proctoring, today announced the launch of its groundbreaking Quick Test technology. Quick Test utilizes data from Examity’s proprietary machine learning algorithms to expose cheating incidents by identifying test-takers with unrealistic completion rates.

“AI allows us to spot patterns across millions of bytes per minute of data generated by more than 100,000 tests each month,” said Shailu Tipparaju, Examity’s Chief Technology Officer. “Quick Test helps identify when test content may have been compromised, while expanding our repository of data to enhance our ability to prevent violations more efficiently over time.”

Quick Test is rooted in Examity’s deep learning networks, which use aggregate data from millions of exams to build an evolving database of testing information. Quick Test draws on this data to project time-to-completion and identify test-takers with unexpected completion rates. This unique technology enables Examity to detect potential violations, which may indicate that a test-taker received outside help or had access to exam content in advance.

“As our machine learning algorithms evolve, we will continue to identify patterns entirely new to the field of learning validation,” said Michael London, Founder and CEO of Examity. “This is about pioneering the application of AI in ways that not only create more secure testing environments, but inform our understanding of human behavior and cheating.”

Recently named among the fastest growing companies in Massachusetts, Examity offers live, record-and-review, and fully automated proctoring options for more than 500 education and certification providers around the world. Examity works with a diverse cross-section of companies and education institutions including Amazon, the College Board, Ball State, and the University of Sydney to provide a flexible online proctoring solution designed to address the needs of test providers.