I expect that the appetite for online invigilation will continue to grow and Examity’s customer-first, human-first approach will expand, building upon proven leadership in the marketplace.

Jesus Diaz

Director, Business Development

Online Invigilation: An International Perspective

Ask the Expert

On an international scale, what are organisations looking for in an online proctoring provider? Is it different from what institutions within the United States are seeking?
Something that organisations commonly search for in the Asia Pacific region is a trusted partner or advisor, not just a vendor. In addition, many organisations are seeking a group they can scale with. Individuals in these programmes test across the globe, independent of timezones. They need a provider that can meet that demand consistently.

What makes Examity stand out from other providers, especially from an international scope?
I regularly receive direct feedback from clients that our solution positively impacts clients’ respective businesses, driving down costs and improving their testtakers’ lives and workflows. Examity’s support is really what sets us apart because we provide quality service 24/7, which is something our clients recognise. 

Further, our team is staffed and distributed internationally, residing in the United States, Philippines, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and India. This allows us to be available whenever our clients need support. We regularly host best practice and customer-oriented training to ensure that our clients are set up for success.  

How have other international partners been successful with Examity? Can you give any examples?
We currently invigilate exams, assessments and certifications for many leading international brands across a multitude of verticals. 

A great example of our work with international partners is Mercedes Benz USA. In 2019, we started providing invigilation services for their US-based technician certifications and rapidly became the official program for their parent company, Daimler AG, based in Germany. Now, Examity delivers online invigilation across all eight of their automotive technician testing programs on an international scale.

What do you think the online invigilation landscape will look like in the next six months to a year? Do you anticipate it being different between professional and higher education markets?
We have seen a strong demand across industries and testing organisations that were formerly in-person only. I believe that we will continue to experience growth in both the certification and education markets. The pandemic fueled a greater necessity for faster adoption. 

I expect that the appetite for online invigilation will continue to grow and Examity’s customer-first, human-first approach will expand, building upon proven leadership in the marketplace. 

What advice would you give to organisations considering online proctoring for the first time?
There are three factors that I emphasize most:

1. Start small. Identify key stakeholders internally. Then scale.
Launch one exam in one department at your organization. Moving online is best done by having a team of key people review the solution. Work through the pilot run with key team members, who will become ambassadors for the innovation you intend to introduce. Tweak as you go prior to scaling to additional programs or departments. 

2. Partner with an organisation that listens and is flexible.
This is the first time that many organisations, and their test-takers, have shifted virtually. It is vital to work with an experienced team and client success manager that understands your team’s goals; it allows for regular insights and the sharing of best practices. The process is a lot easier when you know you’re implementing a tried-and-true approach

3. Talk to the provider’s customers.
Ask for a reference. It’s okay to connect with current clients and inquire about their experience before deciding which provider is best for you.

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