OLC Accelerate 2021 Washington, DC


Ready for OLC Accelerate but prefer to connect in-person? Don’t worry: you have the chance to chat with Examity (on-site!) from October 5-8 in Washington, DC. Be sure to attend our session and visit our booth to discover how to build online proctoring into your courses.


About the Session

Where Does Online Proctoring Go From Here?
Thursday, October 7 from 1:45 PM to 2:30 PM ET

Now that we are transitioning away from a fully virtual setting, what is the future of online proctoring, and where is it headed long-term? In this presentation, industry leaders will discuss what happened this past year and where we are going regarding online proctoring. What were the struggles and pain points that colleges and universities experienced over the past 18 months? Now that there is a better understanding of the advantages of online proctoring, how will it continue to be used even as students return to the classroom? And, what are the differences between in-person and online proctoring, and when is it appropriate to use a hybrid model? The panel will also address how online proctoring is evolving to better address test security, integrity, and privacy, all while improving the overall test-taker experience.

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About OLC Accelerate Conference
The OLC Accelerate conference emphasizes the most impactful research and effective practices in online, blended, and digital learning. This conference offers thousands of administrators, designers, and educators a comprehensive list of sessions and activities tailored to addressing the entire community’s challenges and goals.