We know that our customers don’t want to take a test where everything is antiquated. They want a program that’s in the cloud and accessible, which is what we aimed to provide.


Laura Brumage,
Vice President Education Services at Okta

Building a 21st Century Credentialing Program

Since 2009, OKTA has made some of the most innovative companies successful by securing digital interactions of employees and customers. They saw an opportunity to build a 21st century world-class credentialing program for IT professionals and application developers in the emerging identity as a service (IDaaS) space. Okta was born in the Cloud, and they wanted their testing solution to live there too, without the need for onsite test-taking experiences and on-premise servers. After choosing Examity for their online proctoring, the two companies have successfully delivered thousands of exams to Okta’s core audience. Okta’s candidates have fully embraced the flexibility that comes with being able to take exams 24/7/365.

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