New Accommodation Features With Examity!


Accommodation needs are growing rapidly in the online testing space. Examity is a leader in accessibility and accommodations, which we handle diligently in order to fulfill the individual needs of every test-taker. This is why we are excited to announce accommodation updates to Examity’s platform!

Our new updates allow test sponsors to easily manage accommodations, and accommodations can now be applied to a specific user, as well as at the course level. Exam-specific accommodations will be coming soon!

Accommodation options can now be organized into five categories:

1. Proctoring
2. Time
3. Test Environment
4. Devices & Software
5. Other

If needed, additional accommodations can be entered manually, and all existing ones will be ported over automatically.

These changes will allow us to better assist test-takers with accommodations, and will enable advanced accommodations training for proctors.  

In addition, test-takers can view their accommodations on their exam card, and this ability can be customized by the test sponsor. This is particularly helpful for test programs that want test-takers to confirm their accommodations before scheduling or starting their exam appointment, or before submitting payment.

We will continue to implement more changes to our platform that help streamline the accommodations management process and contribute to test-takers’ success. 

If you would like more information about this, or about Examity’s solution, you can download this PDF here, and contact our team today.