The technology of Examity’s live proctoring solution is central to our online assessment strategy, but what is even more important is the service that we receive from the client success team as well as the 24/7 test-taker support team.

Doctor Thilagawathi
Head, Members, Students & Education Department

A quality assurance partnership that works hard for its members 

Live human proctoring enables MAICSA to deliver fair, accessible, accountable, and robust online exams for its members. Examity enables online exams to be taken at any time during the day, all year round, without downloads on a candidate’s desktop or laptop. Video recordings and 100% human auditing of those videos offer accountability after the assessment , which is something that isn’t enforceable in a test-centre setting. Live proctoring with IT trained invigilators adds quality assurance, but also adds a personalised troubleshooting service if there are any issues with a candidate’s camera, microphone, connectivity, or system. Examity’s proctors can even troubleshoot with MAICSA’s candidates over the phone, anywhere in the world, if a problem persists. 

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