InstructureCon 2021


It’s time for InstructureCon 2021! This year’s event takes place virtually on October 7th. Join Examity on the North American leg of InstructureCon, where you can enjoy our session at our online booth. The popular conference provides unique networking and speaking sessions, so don’t miss out. Chat with us and learn more about how online proctoring can help both your institution and your students’ testing experience.

About the Session: 

Where Does Online Proctoring Go from Here?

Now that we are transitioning away from a fully virtual setting, what is the future of online proctoring, and where is it headed long-term? In this presentation, Examity will discuss what happened this past year and where we are going regarding online proctoring. What were the struggles and pain points that colleges and universities experienced over the past 18 months? Now that there is a better understanding of the advantages of online proctoring, how will it continue to be used even as students return to the classroom? And, what are the differences between in-person and online proctoring, and when is it appropriate to use a hybrid model? We will address how online proctoring is evolving to better address test security, integrity, and privacy, all while improving the overall test-taker experience.

To learn more about the event, or to register, visit the event website. 

About InstructureCon 2021
InstructureCon provides professional learning for every level of edtech user and every kind of educator, from kindergarten teacher to university CTO. Join the event for some seriously cerebral keynote speakers, breakout sessions, roundtable discussions, product news, and lots of networking!