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Inside Look: Engineering at Examity

Ask the Expert

What’s a typical day like in our engineering department? What technologies do you utilize frequently?

Bharadwaj Ginakunta: I’m a Senior Software Engineer working as part of an Agile team (Team YODA) with seven others. Every morning there’s a sync up to assess progress. These would typically involve standup meetings of 15-30 minutes where everyone says what they have achieved, what they’re struggling with (if anything), and what they’re going to be doing that day.

On a daily basis, I find myself working on different features to improve the Examity product. This often involves designing and implementing business-critical solutions. In addition, I delve into opportunities for research that help me expand my knowledge base. Lastly, I pick something fun to work on, collaborating with my colleagues on interesting problems from time to time.

As a technical lead with broader responsibilities, I spend a significant amount of my time discussing design, debugging blocking production issues, planning product deliverables, and offering technical assistance to my teammates.

In regards to technologies, the stack used for product development at Examity is C#, .NET core, Python, Angular/JavaScript, and SQL programming. We have embarked on a journey of technology evolution with AWS cloud migration, in addition to micro services using Go Language.

How does your team work together to continuously evolve Examity’s products and services? How do you drive improvement and innovation?

Virag Jain: Engineering at Examity uses the Agile/Scrum development framework. We have delivery-focused Scrum teams responsible for adding business value for our customers. We execute a high-level quarterly plan, which drives user and technical stories. We follow two week sprints where the team meets everyday to discuss progress and obstacles. Everyone is responsible for the deliverables and works together closely everyday. This helps us ensure no one is blocked and commitments are met. 

Our primary engine for improvement is the continuous feedback related to our people, processes, and product, including timely retrospectives to proactively identify issues and make improvements. This feedback loop, which includes customer requirements, also drives innovation in technology, implementation, and functionality. It also starts the dialogue for new ways to support our users, such as streamlining the test-taker, instructor, auditor, and proctor workflows.

The Examity engineering team is ever-expanding. What processes help ensure that everyone gets the development and mentorship they need for continued success?

Sangeeta Mirji: At Examity, the management and human resources teams collaborate on people development programs. They meet with us to draft the plans for diverse training opportunities, both technical and nontechnical, and they follow it up with metrics of employee engagement. We work with our service providers, like AWS, to customize the learning programs to meet our business and people development needs. We have training programs for all groups and departments, including engineering, people managers, customer success teams, and more.

We also conduct internal mentorship and learning programs, like lunch and learns, to spread knowledge and enhance employee skill sets. 

What makes the engineering team at Examity stand out from departments at other companies you may have worked at in the past?

Andres Munoz: Here at Examity, we have people from various countries, continents, cultures, and backgrounds. This diversity makes Examity a fun, collaborative working environment because we all get to learn from each other. 

Another aspect that stands out in my personal experience: I have been at Examity since our engineering team was only made up of two individuals, and now we have more than 30. Being part of this unique growth journey has been incredible.

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