Innovation at Examity


Innovation happens daily at Examity. We work diligently to help transform online proctoring and online testing, and our dedication towards advancement enables us to enhance our users’ exam experiences and set forward new pathways in the industry.

What exactly makes Examity innovative? Let’s explore several aspects of our organization, solution, and philosophy that make us innovators:

Industry-low test-taker-to-proctor ratio
We’re proud that Examity’s test-taker-to-proctor ratio is the lowest in the industry. A seamless test-taking experience can’t be achieved without the use of low-ratio proctoring, which delivers the high-quality security and support that test-takers need to be successful. Examity’s proctors are extensively trained on technical support, security, customer service, and more. Because of our low-proctor ratio, our proctors can focus their undivided attention on every test-taker while providing personalized support. 

Our leadership in security
Examity is at the forefront of exam security, with a solution that offers four unique security levels from fully automated to live. Our live solutions use proctors to monitor the exam process, providing the highest levels of test security possible. Before the test-taker can begin their exam, the proctor will fully verify them through our live authentication process. During the exam, the proctor will make sure that the test-taker is following the test sponsor’s rules, and that the test-taker isn’t engaging in any potentially suspicious behavior. If unusual activity occurs, the proctor will flag it for review. And, after the exam is finished, our auditing team will thoroughly review the entire test process from start to finish, and will flag any other incidents of unusual behavior that the proctor may have missed. 

Support for test-takers and test sponsors
Examity’s support services for our users is unmatched in the industry. We support both test-takers and test sponsors throughout the testing lifecycle with live, expert, and customized support for a seamless and positive exam experience. Test-takers can easily access support 24/7/365 through email, live chat, and by phone. Our test-taker support team consists of helpful, extensively-trained agents available to provide empathetic and high-quality support and services. And, for test sponsors, our Client Success Managers are dedicated points of contact and give end-to-end support, including exam best practices, as well as consultative and technical support.

Our flexible and customizable solution
Along with our superior exam security and support, our solution is highly flexible, and can be modified on an exam-by-exam basis, tailored to conveniently fit your program’s needs. Our state-of-the-art technology and our partnerships give you the ability to pick and choose the best test delivery options and technologies that make the most sense for your program.


How else have our innovative factors been best put to use? Here are some of our most recent innovations that have made the exam process better and more efficient:

Automatic system check
To make the testing process even easier for test-takers, they can perform a system check that automatically runs every time they connect to the Examity dashboard. This gives the test-taker critical information about what is needed to be successful, and how to prepare their system well before taking their exam. 

“Report Your Experience” survey
Our “Report Your Experience” survey allows users to share valuable feedback with us so that we can improve our products and services. Using this tool, test-takers and test sponsors can report problems they encountered during the testing process, suspicious behavior, or other experiences or concerns. 

Support agent chat in the Examity sidebar
Quick, easy access to support for test-takers from the moment they get connected is now available from within the Examity sidebar. By using the chat option, our support team is able to answer inquiries more easily, and at a much faster rate, than through email and by phone. 

Our users’ voices are what fuel Examity’s innovation strategies. We adapt ourselves to not only changing technologies, but to what our users want and need, so that we can continue to offer the most secure, flexible, and best-in-class online proctoring solution. We make a continuous effort to provide the most satisfying exam experiences possible for both test-takers and test sponsors.

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