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Industry low test-taker to proctor ratio

One way we ensure optimal performance is by keeping our test-taker-to-proctor ratio as low as possible. Examity leads the industry in this important metric, which is directly tied to our high test-taker satisfaction and exam completion rates.

  Our low test-taker-to-proctor ratio

A low-proctor ratio contributes to greater validity and security of your online exams. Our proctors can provide more attention to each test-taker, allowing them to efficiently detect suspicious behaviors or rule violations. It also enables proctors to administer customized rules and requirements, as well as exam delivery requests, more easily.

This is a way to give every test-taker a personalized assessment experience and on-demand support. It also enables proctors to provide greater assistance to test-takers who need accommodations.

  One proctor throughout an exam

Other online proctoring providers may use two proctors during an exam. One proctor will verify the test-taker and then place them into a queue to wait for a second proctor to monitor their exam. This is unacceptable and results in longer wait times for the test-taker to begin an exam. It also disrupts  the exam process, which can contribute to a poor test-taker experience.

Examity uses one proctor throughout the entire exam, creating a smoother experience with no interruptions. Examity proctors are technically trained and college-educated, which facilitates a robust support system for the test-taker should they have a technical issue during their exam experience. The higher levels of support our proctors provide to the test-taker also helps reduce test-taker anxiety.

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