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How to Optimize Your Online Proctoring Experience

Recorded September 2021

Whether you are new to online proctoring or have been using it for years, one thing is definitely for sure; one size does not fit all. The needs of students, faculty, and administrators can vary, especially given their familiarity with this type of testing. The key to success is to ensure that you are constantly working to optimize the online proctoring experience for everyone involved.

What are the ways that you can achieve this? There are many factors that need to be considered. You need to determine what type of proctoring is right for you. What kind of security are you looking for? Do you have any financial restraints? And, what will the experience look like for your test-takers? You also need to determine how easy it is to get students up and running quickly, what kind of flexibility you can offer, and the training and resources that faculty will receive.

During this webinar, Examity discussed tips for success, along with best practices, to help you optimize your online proctoring experience.

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