How Examity Supports Your Testing Program as It Grows


Now more than ever before, learners are searching for testing programs that let them take assessments at their own convenience and in places that are the most comfortable for them, without having to compromise hours of time from their busy schedules. If your organization is looking to expand its testing program, incorporating online testing options is the best way to go. With remote testing, it is almost guaranteed that your testing program will grow, and it can be even smoother and more efficient than in-person testing. The question is, how can your exams stay secure while your organization’s testing program expands?

Online proctoring providers like Examity are the key to enhancing your testing program and helping it evolve. Not only that, but we will protect your exams as this happens, all while ensuring a positive test-taking experience

How exactly are we able to help grow your testing program and support it as it scales up? This is because of our:

24/7 availability
Examity operates all day, every day, to fit the needs of every user. With our 24/7/365 scheduling system and proctors that are always available, test-takers can schedule secure exams whenever is best for them. This level of convenience is vital for the growth of organizations’ testing programs, and for the growth of organizations themselves. Your test-takers will no longer be limited to a specific day or location to take their exams, and because of this, your program is bound to grow.

Ability to meet capacity needs
At Examity, we’re highly-scalable, with the capacity to proctor large-scale organizations’ testing programs. Because of our high levels of support, flexibility with test driver integrations and workflows, and with over 1,000 proctors located around the world, we can proctor millions of exams per year and scale our proctoring workforces to meet the majority of capacity needs. We work with our clients and develop capacity plans to efficiently support their programs as they progress.

A great example of this is our partnership with Slack. They needed to build a first-class credentialing program for their employees. But, when the pandemic hit in 2020, Slack had to develop a new strategy and speed up the process. They searched for an online proctoring provider that could exceed their scalability needs while offering a seamless testing experience. Thankfully, their search led them to Examity.

State-of-the-art technology
We are always looking for ways to improve our platform by continuously updating our technology and keeping up with the latest practices. Examity strives to make our technology more innovative and to deliver the most secure and flexible solutions to benefit our users. We utilize a human-centric approach, using real people assisted by leading, cutting-edge technology. This focus enables Examity to provide the best testing experience possible, while also providing the highest levels of exam security.

Our partnership with the City of Los Angeles best demonstrates this. Their Personnel Department hires on a large scale, processing over 100,000 applications each year. They wanted to streamline this process by collaborating with an online proctoring provider that used emerging and innovative technology. So, they partnered with Examity, who was able to support their scale while prioritizing candidate needs, as well as the security of their test content.

Flexibility and configurability
We know that there is never just one way to use our proctoring platform. Examity tailors our proctoring solution to best fit the needs of your organization and your test-takers. With Examity, you can choose different proctoring modalities on an exam-by-exam basis, and because of our robust partnership network, you can also select which technologies you want to incorporate into your testing program. Our flexibility and configurability let us fully support your organization as it scales up and adjust our solution as needed. 

If you’re eager to expand your testing program, please reach out to us today. Together, we can create a testing plan that meets your needs. We are excited to grow alongside your program! 

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