Examity’s client success team is truly unique. We’re the central point of contact for clients, and we coordinate all the pieces behind the scenes that make online exams happen.

Aga Jop

Director of Client Success, International

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How Examity Supports Clients Around the World

Ask the Expert

Examity’s international presence is continuing to grow, and our clients span across the world. Aga Jop, based in the United Kingdom, is Examity’s International Director of Client Success, and she gives us an inside look into our global client success team. She discusses Examity’s relationships with our clients and how we build relationships with them, the international online proctoring industry, and how her  team works towards helping clients expand their online testing programs and achieving their goals. 

Examity sponsors and participates in several global events throughout the year. How do these events play a big role in successful relationships with our clients?
The events Examity participates in – conferences, exhibitions, and trade fairs – are a critical part of our professional network. These opportunities provide us with the chance to learn from one another and to meet face-to-face, often for the first time post-pandemic. And through these events, we can keep up with developments in the industry, helping us grow and improve. 

What is the online proctoring industry like in the UK and internationally? Has there been growth in the industry?
The online assessment industry in the UK and internationally has been a little more conservative in its adoption of proctoring/invigilation technology. But, the growth we are seeing has been tremendous. It has possibly been compounded by the pandemic, but it is clear that online proctoring is definitely here to stay and will continue to thrive. 

How do the online proctoring needs of clients outside of North America differ from those in North America?
We work with such a varied group of clients, so it would be fair to say that every client, both in and outside of North America, is unique! Some differences are smaller or more technical (such as different learning management systems), while others are greater and reflected in clients’ specific exam requirements. More broadly, the main difference we see between North American and European clients is their assessment approach: US clients tend to offer exams on-demand, while European clients run tests in smaller, and often fixed, exam windows. 

How do Examity’s client success managers work with other teams to ensure client success?
Examity’s client success team is truly unique. We’re the central point of contact for clients, and we coordinate all the pieces behind the scenes that make online exams happen. Together, we work with the product, technical, and operations teams on behalf of our clients to ensure we meet their requirements and that their test-takers have positive test-taking experiences. 

Understanding a client’s long-term vision is what Examity client success managers strive for. How are our client success managers able to achieve this?
Achieving success for our team relies on building trust with our clients, delivering what we promise, being transparent about what cannot be delivered, and always working on making improvements. Having our clients feel comfortable sharing their vision and trusting Examity to deliver it is the foundation of our flourishing partnerships.

What do our clients look for in an online proctoring provider and in their client success manager?
Most of our clients look primarily for a partner they can trust. For many of them, online proctoring (or remote invigilation) is a new territory. So, some clients may need more direction, while others may feel more comfortable jumping into it. Regardless of how familiar our clients are with online proctoring, client success managers learn their requirements and support them accordingly. There is no fixed formula – we adjust and tailor our solution to each client based on their needs.

What is the most important part of being an Examity client success manager?
A client success manager’s ability to forge and maintain relationships is one element that stands out above the rest, and there are a number of skills and attributes that play into this. These include possessing great communication skills, diplomacy, attentive listening skills in order to understand and translate clients’ requirements, an analytical mind to appropriately identify issues, and the ability to execute a plan of action. On a personal level, integrity and transparency are the foundation of a client success manager’s work. 

What makes a client success manager crucial in ensuring a positive test-taking experience?
As we grow our relationships with our clients, we learn about their test-takers, their exams, their processes, and their challenges. We become trusted advisors, suggesting ways to improve or make adjustments to their processes and sharing best practices, as well as lessons learned, from other clients. We do this with the goal of making the test-taker journey as smooth and seamless as possible. 

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