How Examity Helps Protect Your Organization’s Reputation


Since 2013, the Examity team has worked diligently to help our clients grow their testing programs and deliver positive outcomes. An important part of Examity’s mission is to protect and enhance the integrity and validity of testing programs, and to preserve and boost organizations’ reputations. Our values and our mission, along with our secure solutions with a human touch, have helped build our reputation as an online proctoring leader.

Examity’s live solutions have especially left considerable impressions in the online proctoring and testing spaces, demonstrating the full capabilities of our proctors and our low-proctor ratio. What makes it so special?

  • Qualified proctors
    Our proctors are highly-qualified, college-educated professionals who possess advanced technical skills and endure a rigorous selection process. Once hired, they must undergo a comprehensive training session, which includes coursework on the proctoring process, training on tools used to perform their functions as proctors, and live simulations. Our proctors are entirely focused on protecting the validity of exams and delivering exceptional service and support to test-takers.

  • Low-proctor ratio
    Examity is able to achieve superior exam security and test-taker support with the help of our low-proctor ratio. Our test-taker-to-proctor ratio is the lowest in the industry, with one proctor only monitoring just a few test-takers at a time. Due to our low-proctor ratio, the proctor can focus their complete attention on the test-takers. Therefore, they can provide high-level support while fully ensuring the security of an exam.

  • Superior service and support
    In order to be hired by Examity, proctors must have not only advanced technical skills, but  strong communication skills as well. Once they are hired, proctors receive customer service and empathy training during their training process. Our proctors’ backgrounds and skills, along with our low-proctor ratio, allow them to provide extraordinary service and support for test-takers. However, if a test-taker needs further assistance, they can always contact our test-taker support team. They operate 24/7, 365 days a year to fulfill the needs of every test-taker.

Along with our live solutions, our automated solutions are also human-centric and secure, while providing superior service and support. In addition, all our solutions include the following factors that help differentiate Examity from the rest: 

  • Additional exam security
    After an exam is completed, the authentication and testing processes will be reviewed by both the proctor and our auditing team. Our extensively-trained auditors will conduct a thorough review of the entire exam session and flag any occurrences of unusual activity that the proctor may have missed, providing another layer of security.

  • Technology-assisted services and processes
    Our services and processes are executed by humans and assisted by technology. For example, we’re seamlessly integrated with various test drivers and platforms, making entry into exams easier and more efficient. We use a single sign-on (SSO) approach with all applicable test delivery applications, which means that all test-takers have direct, seamless access to Examity. And, some exams may be monitored by our auto proctoring ID technology, which will record the test session and flag any suspicious incidents that occur during it. Instead of having to view the entire recording, if there are flags present, they can be clicked on to instantly jump to the time in the recording when a possible testing violation occurred, saving hours of time.

Examity holds itself to the highest standards of security and test-taker service in online proctoring. Our mission is to protect the credibility and reputation of your credentials while offering the highest level of service and support to you and your test takers. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can preserve your program’s reputation, contact us today.

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