How Examity and Okta’s Partnership Helped Their Clients Reach Their Full Potential


In the technology industry, there is a growing demand for certifications that can be completed remotely. To ensure the competency of a certification candidate’s skills, and to preserve the reputation and brand of the technology organization issuing these credentials, superior assessment security and complete protection of test integrity is essential.

When building their cutting-edge credentialing program for IT professionals and application developers in the IDaaS space, identity and access management company Okta needed a way for the program’s exams to keep up with their evolving platform. Of course, they needed to do this without compromising the validity of their exams or development processes. Their search led them to Examity, and a partnership was born. 

How was this choice made?
Okta was impressed by Examity’s dedication to security, as well as our state-of-the-art technology. Our Live Proctoring option, utilizing human proctors assisted by our innovative technology, along with a thorough audit by our auditing team after every exam’s completion, would provide them with the highest levels of test security possible. This would ensure that the best, and most qualified, professionals would be getting certified using their program.

In addition to exceptional assessment security, Okta knew that Examity’s focus on delivering a positive test-taking experience would lead to their test-takers feeling highly satisfied. Our low-ratio proctoring meant that our proctors would be able to provide outstanding test-taker support. And, because we offer 24/7 scheduling, Okta’s test-takers could take their assessments whenever it was most convenient for them, receiving life-changing certifications without having to take hours out of their busy schedules.

You can read more about this collaboration, and why it was so successful, in our case study. Please fill out the form to learn more and to receive the Okta case study.