The support team handles inbound inquiries for accomodations from the exam administrator. Common inquiries include sight or hearing impairment devices and screen readers.

Jennifer Hill

Senior Operations Manager

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How Does Examity Support Test-takers?

Ask the Expert

When inquiries come in from test-takers, what is the process to address their questions?
The support team handles inquiries through three primary channels: live chat, phone and email. Our goal is to empower our Tier 1 team, who handles inquiries in real time, as much as possible. These agents are trained to handle 90% of concerns with first-call resolution, meaning that question will be answered while the test-taker is still on the line. If an agent is not able to resolve the issue, they escalate to our Tier 2 support group, who work with situations that require more research.

What is the training process for the support team? How do you ensure that individuals can swiftly and accurately provide solutions to test-taker queries?
Most of our support agents are promoted from our proctoring pool. Not only does this allow for career progression and growth, but they will have already become an expert on launching successful exams. Each agent participates in a training program that includes both a classroom curriculum and job-shadowing component. To keep onboarding information current, we review the work instructions and update them monthly. This ensures that agents have access to the most relevant information to help a test-taker. Real-time updates are provided in the daily shift briefing. These briefs discuss product updates, when clients are testing and to voice ideas/concerns that may be impacting our current workflow. 

How does the Examity team support test-takers with accommodations or accessibility requirements?
The support team handles inbound inquiries for accomodations from the exam administrator. Common inquiries include sight or hearing impairment devices and screen readers. Once the accommodation is approved, the agent updates the exam production page, so that the proctor is aware of the accommodation prior to the appointment. This eliminates confusion or delays in beginning an exam, and helps verify that the test-taker has everything they need to succeed. 

What is next on the support roadmap? Are there any areas we are looking to further grow into?
The team is currently focused on the evolution of our processes, which are consistently evaluated for further streamlining and optimization. Currently, we’re focused on better assisting the test-taker on first contact. To do this, Examity empowers our agents to handle a broader range of issues or concerns. Today, escalating issues to our higher-tier team adds time to the resolution process. Thus, we’re actively building a new, efficient process that we can assist our agents in resolving more issues at Tier 1. 

What’s one message or piece of advice you would give to test-takers using Examity for the first time?
Prepare for the exam. Not only is it important to study to get a good score, but so is understanding what is required by you on exam day. Examity always recommends conducting a computer readiness check prior to any session, as well as reviewing any rules or instructions for your specific exam. This will curb delays resulting from misunderstanding or incompatible systems.

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