Get to Know Examity’s Proctors, Auditors, and Client Success Managers


It’s exam day! You’ve spent a long time preparing for this moment, and so has Examity. Behind every live proctored exam is a robust team of proctors, auditors, and client success managers. Let’s take a deeper look at these roles and how they ensure a successful test-taking experience.

What is the difference between proctors, auditors, and client success managers?

Proctors are responsible for observing exams. On exam day, test-takers will connect to a proctor for authentication and/or test monitoring. Proctors also provide assistance with any technical support issues that may arise and ensure the validity of the exam. 

Auditors are responsible for reviewing the exam session after it has taken place and providing quality assurance. They aren’t in contact with administrators or test-takers, but instead, work behind the scenes to ensure that all flagged violations are correct, along with reviewing other areas where there may be violations. 

Client success managers are dedicated points of contact for administrators. They provide end-to-end support, including exam best practices, consultative support, and technical support. 

In addition, if you’re a test-taker looking for support, you can connect to our 24/7 test-taker support team.


How do these roles make the exam process easier for test-takers and administrators?

Live proctors assist test-takers with any technological issues in real-time, walk them through the identity verification process, and help them start the exam. During the test, proctors monitor for any issues and assist with final steps once the exam is submitted.

Auditors review the exam and provide flags and timestamps of suspicious behavior, letting administrators know which parts of the exam they should review. This saves valuable time for our administrators, as they do not need to watch the exam in its entirety. In addition, if a specific cheating behavior is identified, the administrator is notified directly by a member of the Examity team. 

When an administrator has questions about the exam process or red flag occurrences, they can reach out to the client success team. This group can provide clarity around what issues may have occurred, as well as best practices to deter these types of behaviors in the future.   

What are the key characteristics of Examity’s proctors, auditors, and client success managers?

All Examity proctors are required to have college degrees. Our proctors go through both technical and customer service training, ensuring that the test-taker is provided with the smoothest exam experience possible.  

Having strong attention to detail and being able to write and communicate well are important characteristics of Examity’s auditors. In fact, the majority of them are former proctors, so they have deep knowledge and experience in identifying cheating violations. Also, like proctors, our auditors need to go through an extensive training process. 

In addition to being detail-oriented and strong communicators, client success managers are knowledgeable about different processes and best practices when it comes to online proctoring. They have to have an understanding of needs and requirements and be able to advocate for their clients. This allows them to not only share best practices, but to also provide consultative advice on how to best set up and administer exams.

How do all three of these roles work together to make your exam experience successful?

Client success managers assist in providing recommendations for exam rules and identifying what works best for the test-taker. They also advise on the best ways for administrators to share rules. That way, on exam day, test-takers and proctors are looking at the same set of rules, meaning they are on the same page in terms of what to expect while the exam is taking place. 

Proctors assist in communicating instructions to the test-taker and ensuring that everything is clear and understood. If there are any rule violations, the proctor will intervene in real time and flag it accordingly based on the instructions provided by the administrator. 

Auditors review the special instructions, and verify that everything was flagged accurately and that no violations were missed. If that occurs, they add a flag, along with their comments, before sending it off to the administrator for review. 

Our proctors, auditors, and client success managers are always improving, and are dedicated to providing the best assessment experience for test-takers and administrators. If you want to learn more, have any questions, or would like to provide feedback, reach out to us today.

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