Examity’s ID Requirements Explained


Preparing for your upcoming proctoring session is just as important as preparing for your exam. When sitting for your test, remember that all users will have to present a valid photo identification (ID) prior to beginning their test. But what exactly does that mean? Valid photo IDs are usually issued by either the government or an institution. Upon connecting with a proctor, they will verify the following information:

1) First name
2) Middle name, or initial (if applicable)
3) Last name (surname)
4) Photo on the ID
5) Expiration date (if written on the ID)

NOTE: All IDs must be printed using the standard Latin-based alphabet (ABC).

Have questions about IDs? We’ve got you covered!

What if my ID is expired?
Due to COVID, we are currently accepting government-issued IDs that have expired since January 2021, unless otherwise specified by the test program.

What if I don’t have any identification?
Since photo IDs are required for testing, you will have to wait to schedule another appointment until after you obtain a valid ID. Otherwise, you may request a special accommodation from your test program.

What if the name on my ID doesn’t match the name that I used to register for my exam?
If you have a different name on your ID than what’s on your profile, you may be asked for an alternate ID.  

Examity makes it easy to prepare for your proctored exam. Our ID requirements are minimal, ensuring security and convenience for all test-takers. Please remember that you will need to bring your identification with you to every Examity proctoring session. 

Have questions about IDs or authentication? Reach out to Examity’s support team 24/7 via email at [email protected], over the phone at 855-392-6489, or through live chat on your Examity dashboard.