Examity Becomes First Proctoring Provider to Adopt Industry-Leading Technology Standard

Pioneering test security solution now meets 1EdTech’s Online Proctoring Service Specification

Newton, MA., August 27, 2020

Examity today announced that it is the first online proctoring provider to adopt the LTI® Proctoring Services standard by 1EdTech Learning Consortium. Built on the innovative IMS Learning Tools Interoperability® standard, LTI Proctoring Services aligns with best-in-class learning management systems and assessment platforms to deliver a credible and secure user experience for test-takers, administrators, and proctors.

“The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a massive shift towards online programs across the landscape of higher education and deepened the urgency of ensuring that online test-taking is as simple and secure as possible,” said Dr. Rob Abel, CEO of 1EdTech Learning Consortium. “We are grateful for Examity’s leadership in being the first platform of its kind to adopt the new LTI Proctoring Services standard that dramatically improves the integrity of online assessment.”

The IMS LTI Proctoring Services standard is designed to enable assessment platforms to integrate seamlessly and securely with proctoring technologies. The standard will allow Examity to further streamline the entire proctoring and test-taking process, facilitating an easier exam setup, simplifying the user experience for test-takers, and reducing instructors’ time reviewing proctoring results.

“As education and testing providers navigate the challenges of remote learning, it’s more important than ever to provide test-takers with a reliable and streamlined assessment experience,” said Shailu Tipparaju, Chief Technology Officer of Examity. “Our collaboration with 1EdTech has enabled Examity to stay ahead of trends and innovations in the field in order to ensure quality in a rapidly evolving world of online testing.”

Founded in 2013, Examity was the first solution to provide higher education institutions and certification providers with a full range of proctoring options, from automated through to live. The company, which has raised more than $110 million to apply machine learning to online proctoring, works with a diverse cross-section of more than 500 institutions and certification providers, offering flexible solutions designed to address the needs of individual providers and programs.