E-ATP 2022


From changing test delivery techniques to innovative technologies to shifting candidate expectations, addressing and understanding new practices, standards, and transformations in the assessment industry is critical to building better and more equitable testing experiences. Join Examity from 11-13 October for E-ATP, the largest assessment-focused community event in Europe. Connect with others in the industry and participate in insightful discussions, including sessions presented by thought leaders from Examity. 

You can attend the conference in London, or experience it virtually. If you’ll be attending in person, visit our booth to chat with us about how online proctoring can benefit your organisation’s testing program.

If you’ll be attending in person, visit our booth to chat with us about how online proctoring can benefit your organisation’s testing program. While you’re there, you can also enter our raffle for a chance to win a pair of Apple AirPods Pro.

About Our Sessions:

Online Proctoring with Exam Regulators: Safe, Accessible, Fair and Accountable Assessments
Tuesday, October 11th from 2:15 PM – 3:00 PM BST

In this panel conversation, presenters from Examity, the leader in live online proctoring, NCFE, a leading awarding organisation that is regulated in the UK, and the e-Assessment Association, the international body for promoting best practice in technology-enabled assessment, will come together to talk about how organisations meet the quality assurance needs of assessment candidates as well as those of the regulator. What are regulators currently saying about online proctoring? How are the systems working, and how do you put them in place to sustain quality? And, most importantly, how do you track them?

Invited Session: Standards for the Online Observation of Tests
Tuesday, October 11th from 2:15 PM – 3:00 PM BST

ATP and the National College Testing Association sponsored the Standards and Best Practices for the Online Observation of Tests. With input from testing programs, test vendors, proctors, and testing professionals across the globe, the document speaks to testing with and without a proctor, and includes best practices for consideration by testing organizations and vendors. Given the growth of online observation services and technologies, this document will serve an important role in aligning expectations and providing guidance in this space. Join members of the drafting committee during a discussion of the history and purpose of the project, an overview of its structure, and a discussion of key sections designed to meaningfully mature the assessment space.

 At the Intersection of Privacy and Exam Security
Tuesday, October 11th from 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM BST

Privacy and exam security are important considerations for testing programs operating in the EU. Privacy laws impose operating requirements on testing programs, while test security processes and tools protect testing assets and brand reputation. Often, these concepts are closely aligned. Join respected privacy and exam security experts as they explore what happens at the intersection of privacy and exam security. Through an engaging and hands-on session, we’ll discuss how testing programs can leverage the important concepts of security and privacy to enhance their operations, protect their brand, and create positive experiences for test-takers.

Security Considerations in an Online Testing World: Leveraging Opportunities While Maintaining the Integrity of Your Assessment
Tuesday, October 11th from 4:50 PM – 5:35 PM BST

Credentialing and testing organisations have faced a lot of changes within the last two years, with unprecedented pressure to reconsider how examinations are developed and administered in a world that had to transition to online meetings and online proctored exams. In this coffee conversation, we will discuss opportunities that arose through this rapid movement to create more sustainable online exam development and delivery, including broader access to groups of subject-matter experts and increased accessibility. We will also share key considerations in leveraging technology to maintain the integrity of exams and discuss lessons learned from working with global exam programs.

Debating AI in Testing Today – Help, Hype, or Headache?
Wednesday, October 12th from 9:00 AM – 9:45 AM BST

Artificial intelligence has already had an impact on the way we test. From using artificial intelligence to generate new items to using it to observe tests or confirm identity, the use of AI holds significant promise when it comes to more effective and secure tests. But if we look at AI today, do we get a different story? Is the use of AI today meaningfully helping testing programs, or is it still a lot of hype? Does use of AI create more headaches than its worth? Join global AI experts and experienced testing professionals in a fast-paced and informative debate as they explore the use of AI in testing today.

Workshop: What We Can Learn from Cheaters
Wednesday, October 12th from 10:15 AM – 11:15 AM BST

There is a lot to be learned from cheaters. For example, we can learn that cheating is big business and can result in serious financial gain (at least for some). We can also learn that cheating is universal, and not bound by profession, age, or geography. Join experienced testing professionals as they review recent cheating scandals in the EU (as well as Australia, Canada, and India), and share how those cases were exposed. We’ll share the lessons learned from those cases and discuss steps testing programs can take to deter, detect, and decide how to handle cheating incidents.

For more about E-ATP, or to register for the event, visit the conference’s website.

About the Association of Test Publishers (ATP)
The Association of Test Publishers, or ATP, was founded to promote and develop testing and assessment best practices and to facilitate an environment that would benefit test-takers, businesses, educational organizations, and society in general. The Association charges itself with defining professionalism for assessment and ethics, and promoting adherence to these principles. To achieve this purpose, ATP focuses on two primary initiatives: advocacy for the industry and education for its members. Through its programs, ATP fosters an environment that promotes the exchange of ideas on testing issues and trends.