E-ATP 2021


E–ATP 2021
In an ever-changing world, what do we expect out of assessment technology and examinations, and how can those expectations be accomplished? It’s time to reconnect and brainstorm answers. Join Examity and thought leaders from around the world for E-ATP, taking place virtually from 27-29 September. Engage in our captivating sessions and hear from countless others as we debate what could be next for Europe in the new age of EdTech. This is an insightful event that you won’t want to miss. Be sure to stop by our booth to understand online invigilation’s place in assessment and how it can help your organisation.

About the Sessions

Rising to the Challenge: Six Key Finding to Help Your Organisation Improve Its Online Proctoring
Monday, September 27th, 1:30 PM – 2:15 PM BST

The rise of online proctoring, sometimes referred to as “invigilation,” around the world has introduced new audiences to an unfamiliar type of assessment. As test-takers navigated these changes, areas for improvement were naturally uncovered. A UK-based global leader in the certification sector asked Examity to assess and address these areas of confusion. In this session, leaders from Examity will discuss the six key findings that emerged from that research. Recommendations will be provided to help prevent these problems in the future.

Exam Delivery in the Digital Age: Moving Beyond the Pandemic
Tuesday, September 28th, 11:15 AM – 11:55 AM BST

Many forethinking organizations had plans to go digital, however those plans were put into motion quicker than they expected as a result of the global pandemic. One organisation, the voice of the recruitment industry in the United Kingdom, was delivering 2,000 vocational awards per year, serving 1,200 students and professionals solely in-person. After the transition to online proctoring, they were able to successfully administer five separate exam series to more test-takers than ever before. Their move to online proctoring (or invigilation) was so successful, that they will maintain and grow their assessment completely online, and remove in-person assessments.

In this presentation, industry leaders will discuss why moving to digital is the right decision for their recruitment efforts, even once the pandemic is over. Topics such as integrity, cost savings, and security will be discussed in detail, along with the benefits and tools that are only available by moving online.

Sharing is Caring: How to Ease the Privacy and Security Concerns of Your Test–takers
Wednesday, September 29th, 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM BST

Testing programs regularly face questions from test-takers and other stakeholders concerning data privacy and security. Communicating this information can be difficult, especially for programs with multiple vendors. Join privacy and security professionals to discuss suggestions for vetting vendors, aligning policies, and communicating key information to non-technical stakeholders and test-takers. This session will also provide best practices/recommendations in handling content security of test takers and test content, and how to plan your tests to get the balance between privacy of the candidate and information needed to execute a test integrity solution.

Guide to First Time Online Proctoring: How to Build a Successful Testing Experience
Wednesday, September 29th, 12:25 PM– 1:10 PM BST

While security is, of course, important, in this workshop, we will dive into five critical components for establishing an effective, secure and standardised test-taker experience: communication, preparation, support, process, and transparency.

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About E-ATP
As we gradually emerge from COVID-induced lockdowns, educators, learners, and employers across Europe are evaluating how best to embrace and navigate new dynamics around assessment. COVID-19 shone a spotlight on the divides in society and created new expectations for technology’s role across all aspects of our lives. As creators and providers of assessments, we have a responsibility to deliver products that provide equitable access to the fairest testing experience.