Convenience, Flexibility, and Scalability: How Examity Enhanced UAVHUB’s Training Program


With team members located around the world, and over 1,000 proctors operating 24/7 at four international locations, Examity is truly a global online proctoring leader with a commitment to creating positive and successful test-taking experiences.   

At Examity, we prioritize the needs of you and your test-takers by using a solution that emphasizes superior flexibility and convenience. Even when the demand for tests increases, with Examity, every test-taker can schedule and take their exam right away. And, test-takers don’t have to experience their exams alone: our live proctoring solutions use college-educated, highly-skilled, and comprehensively-trained proctors that support and guide test-takers throughout the entire exam process. Not only that, but we also offer 24/7 test-taker support for test-takers in any time zone. 

These factors help provide a streamlined, seamless, and satisfying testing experience. And because test-takers are highly satisfied when testing with Examity, if you use our solution, your testing program is bound to grow. Examity has the scalability and capacity to support your testing program as it expands. 

These are the key reasons why UAVHUB made the important decision to partner with Examity. When UAVHUB, the largest drone training school in the United Kingdom, needed to rapidly switch to an external online proctoring solution with a European management team, they turned to Examity, leading to incredible results.

You can read more about the successful outcome of this partnership, and what the future holds for UAVHUB, by reading our case study. Please fill out the form to learn more, and to receive the UAVHUB case study.