Community College Tackles Online Cheating With AI

Examity to support online learning expansion at State Fair Community College

Sedalia, MO.August 22, 2019

State Fair Community College (SFCC) today announced the selection of Examity as the exclusive provider of proctoring support for its fast-growing online and hybrid programs. Examity’s flexible learning validation platform, rooted in proprietary AI technology, will make SFCC’s online assessments more secure by providing students and faculty with access to a range of proctoring options, from automated through to live. Proctoring will be used initially in a select group of classes and programs.

“Online learning provides our students with unprecedented access to educational opportunities that would not have been available in a traditional face-to-face setting,” said James Cunningham, Dean of Academic Affairs at State Fair Community College. “This partnership is about using sophisticated technology and data-driven insights to validate the online learning experience — and curb academic dishonesty.”

Located in Sedalia, the site of the annual Missouri State Fair, State Fair Community College serves more than 4,000 students from rural south and central Missouri, 63 percent of whom take at least one course online. The growth of online learning at SFCC reflects the increasing popularity of online programs at higher education institutions across the country; between 2016 and 2017, according to the latest report from the U.S. Department of Education, enrollment in online learning grew by nearly 6 percent.

“As a growing number of community colleges turn to online programs to expand access and increase retention, it’s critical to maintain a relentless focus on quality and integrity,” said Michael London, Founder and CEO of Examity. “Proctoring driven by machine learning technology can help institutions better understand trends, risks, and opportunities related to their online programs — and prevent cheating before it happens.”

Founded in 2013, Examity works with a diverse cross-section of postsecondary institutions, employers, and certification providers including Amazon, the University of Missouri, Indiana University, and Harrisburg Community College, to provide solutions designed to address the needs of individual schools and programs. In response to the growing demand for secure online assessments, the company has raised more than $110 million to apply machine learning and biometrics to online proctoring and learning validation in the past two years alone.