Caveon and Examity

A partnership presented between Examity and Caveon to provide a full package solution. Develop and deliver your online exams to guarantee exam integrity with support for you and your test-takers each step of the way.

Expand your reach and real-time control with this efficient and cost-effective solution.

A seamless solution for a complicated world

What you get with Examity:

  • Live, scalable, and flexible online proctoring
  • An industry low test-taker-to-proctor ratio with
    the shortest wait times
  • IT trained and college-educated proctors

What you get with Caveon:

  • Unified item banking & test delivery platform
  • Secure and innovative test design capablities
  • Unique security features, such as watermarking
    and DOMC

A full solution at one low per-test price:

Additional volume discounts available. No additional licensing fees

Examity was willing to do the custom work to support the integration with our platform. 

Benjamin Hunter,
Vice President of Sales, Caveon Test Security 

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Joining Forces: How Caveon and Examity Are Building the Future of Online Assessment


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