Building a Modern Credentialing Program… and Promoting It!

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Sean Stowers, CPTM, CEO at WeLearn Learning Services
Chad Fife, VP of Marketing at Examity

Join learning and testing industry experts Sean Stowers and Chad Fife as they discuss how innovative organizations are building modern credentialing programs that fit the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s virtual learners. They’ll present why credentials and micro-credentials are important in the evolving career landscape, what a great learning experience looks like (and the #1 thing to do in your course design) along with how to proctor and protect a credential to grow its value. The discussion will also talk about how credentialing programs can better promote and market themselves creating a flywheel effect within credential issuers, holders, and employers.

Join Sean and Chad in this important discussion on the building blocks of a modern credentialing program (including degree + certification pathways) and where future opportunities to differentiate yours might be. Please register today!