Auto or Live? Find the Right Approach


Whether you are new to online proctoring or have been using it for years, one thing is definitely for sure; one size does not fit all. Individual test administrators may have different thoughts  about how to handle exam security based on a variety of factors. Choosing the security level that is right for your program is possibly the most important decision you will make. 

Examity’s solution provides Universities, employers, and assessment providers with the flexibility to select the solution that best fits their needs, from automated through to live. But, how do you know what kind of proctoring is right for you? And, what is the right approach to selecting the appropriate modality? 

Here are four things to consider when deciding what is best for your organization.

What kind of security does your exam require?

Different types of exams require different levels of security. For example, a final exam or certification test are amongst the most important assessments a student or candidate will take. These types of exams may warrant a live proctored solution in order to better protect the exam event. On the other hand, a low-stakes exam, such as a quiz, may only require an automated solution. This will still curb violations and is more cost effective than a live proctoring solution. 

What are the financial constraints that need to be considered?

Before you can select the right modality, it is important to know what kind of budget is available. When possible, try to determine in advance the amount you would like to spend to reach your proctoring objectives. Compare that to the estimated volume of exams and the type of security they require in order to help you determine which proctoring approach is right for you. 

Would a mix of live and automated proctoring be more appropriate?

In many cases, a combination of the two types of proctoring is the preferred solution. This occurs especially in situations where different types of exams will be given. For example, a university course may contain both quizzes and final exams throughout the semester. By using live and automated proctoring, the right type of solution can be applied in each instance. Choosing a provider that can be flexible to accommodate all of your needs is key. 

What will the experience be like for the test-taker?

Providing a positive and successful test-taker experience is critical, especially when you consider that testing online may be different from what test-takers were used to previously. While online proctoring isn’t new, it can be for individual test-takers. Both automated and live proctoring are secure, however there is still a variation in the level of interaction a test-taker must provide. This is important when considering how to balance the level of security with the experience of the end user. 

One size definitely does not fit all. By considering these four questions, you will be able to accurately determine what type of online proctoring is best for you.

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