Academic Integrity Takes Center Stage At BMO Conference

Leadership from ACT, Apollo Education Group, Zovio join Examity and Lightspeed Systems to discuss cheating and test security

New YorkSeptember 17, 2019

Data security and the rise of online learning were among the issues discussed by education technology and innovation leaders at the annual Back to School conference last week. Hosted by the Bank of Montreal (BMO) in New York City, the discussion brought together executives from some of the country’s largest private and public education organizations with the leading providers of test security and integrity.

“With an alumni population of over 1,000,000, what we’ve learned at UoP is that a holistic approach to ensuring academic integrity is what is most effective when educating working adults,” said Tony Miller, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Apollo Education Group, who participated in the discussion. “Our approach – to help our students understand the relevancy and real-world application of what they are learning, to use an instructional approach oriented more around mastery learning vs. high-stakes tests and assignments, to train and encourage faculty to see breaches primarily as coaching vs. punitive opportunities – reduces students’ incentive to cheat and UoP’s reliance on technology and other tools to ensure the integrity of our students’ learning experience.”

The afternoon’s panel reflected the growing importance of online learning in the national narrative, as a growing body of evidence suggests that online programs are increasing in popularity throughout both K-12 and higher education. Participants discussed a range of topics, including the need for secure assessment, the growing role of AI in ensuring integrity, and the importance of data in informing institutional decision-making. The panel included:

  • Marten Roorda, CEO, ACT
  • Tony Miller, former Deputy Secretary of Education and Board Member for Apollo Education Group
  • John Semel, Chief Strategy Officer, Zovio
  • Brian Thomas, President & CEO, Lightspeed Systems
  • Michael London, CEO, Examity
  • Chris Ross, Managing Director, Parthenon EY

“In K12, online learning is typically supplemental to face-to-face learning — so the drive for integrity is centered around the chosen digital curriculum and tools,” said Brian Thomas of Lightspeed Systems. “Schools are increasingly looking for data and analytics that can prove usage and value — and therefore integrity — of those resources.”

“The accelerating growth of online education is raising critical questions about quality and integrity for providers and policymakers alike,” said Michael London, Founder and CEO of Examity. “Our work is about bringing together flexible, responsive technology with rich data analytics to create a more secure, higher quality online learning experience.”