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Examity has had the honor of working with a variety of organizations and institutions across the world. Our solution has helped make the transition to online proctoring smooth and easy for so many. In some instances, this change was carefully planned, while in others, circumstances beyond anyone’s control forced an unexpected shift. Here are some examples of challenges that organizations faced and how Examity was able to help companies not only survive, but also thrive.

Real talk from the live proctoring experts

When it comes to online proctoring, no two companies provide the same solution. That’s why you need to consider what is important when deciding which provider you want to work with. While most companies provide a certain level of security and flexibility, they lack one of the most fundamental elements of successful online proctoring: humans.
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Best of Both Worlds: The practical benefits and astounding brilliance of choice

People love choice. Whether selecting the color of our vehicles, the flavor of our bagels, or the size of our coffee, we like to have options. For decades, however, testing programs and test-takers were denied choice when it came to exam administration. If a test needed to be proctored, test-takers had one option: travel to a test center. With the emergence of online proctoring, however, acceptable choice has finally come to the testing industry. 
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Security Panel Discussion: Providing global access while protecting program integrity

Over the past two years, a growing number of companies and organizations have embraced the potential of remote exams and certification programs as a way to expand access and increase flexibility, but the increased adoption of this new way of testing offers organizations opportunities as well as challenges: how is it possible to ensure global access to these tests while also protecting their integrity? Learn More About White Paper »

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