2021 Countdown: Top Resources Blogs


As an eventful year filled with lots of new learning opportunities comes to a close, we want to take a look back at some of the top blogs from Examity. What were our clients and test-takers most interested in this year? We’re counting down some of our most popular blog posts, so be sure to give them a peek if you missed them!

Building a Successful Testing Experience 5 Points to Consider »

Exam day may give test-takers the usual jitters, but there are steps that all institutions and organizations can take to minimize those nerves and lay the foundation for a successful online testing experience. This blog outlines best practices, with some of the most vital being preparation, transparency, and communication. 

Examity’s ID Requirements Explained »

How can an institution, organization, or program know that their users are prepared for test day? By sending them our outline of ID requirements for Examity sessions. This post will remind test-takers what is needed for them to have a smooth start to their exam.

Best Practices for Writing Effective Exam Rules »

Long, repetitive instructions can prolong the authentication process. However, you still want to give test-takers all the information they’ll need. Our solution: keep your instructions clear, concise, and consistent. 

How to Successfully Introduce Online Proctoring to Your Course » 

By outlining the process early and setting clear expectations, administering assessments can be a much smoother process. This blog post may have a focus on higher education implementation, but the same tips apply for adding online proctoring to a certification or pre-employment exam: keep your test-takers informed. 

A Test-taker’s Guide to Online Proctoring »

Many people utilized Examity for the first time in 2021, so they may have had questions on what online proctoring really entails. From types of proctoring to security questions, this post walks readers through the most important things to know. This information can be easily distributed to test-takers in any certification program or course.

All About Examity’s Proctors »

Who makes up Examity’s proctoring team? How are they trained? What criteria are they consistently evaluated against? Find the answers to these questions and more.

Prepare and Connect: Getting Started with Your Proctor »

Everything you need to know about how test-takers get connected to a proctor, including what they’ll be expected to do during authentication. This blog post even comes with bonus video walkthroughs!

A Colorful Review of Examity’s Flags »

Examity’s color coded flagging system makes it easy to review exam sessions, especially once those flags have been culled down by a human auditor. But first, you’ll need to develop an understanding of what our blue, green, yellow, and red flags actually indicate. 

5 Tips to Boost Test-taker Success »

What are the five most important things your test-takers should do before completing assessments with Examity?  Explore best practices that will help create a positive testing experience for all users. 

Creating Your Profile in Four Easy Steps »

Our top blog post for the year centers around profile creation, which is a quick, straightforward process that occurs shortly after test-takers get to Examity for the first time. This post explains how to follow the prompts on screen to easily add applicable information, a photo, and responses to challenge questions. For administrators or test sponsors, this is a great resource to share with test-takers when you announce a partnership with Examity. 

Our resources serve to provide insight to our clients all year ‘round, but these posts stood out as being our most useful. What blog entries did you most enjoy this year? What would you like to see more of? Let us know by filling out our form. exam.